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The week in iPhone 4: March of Verizon-IDG News Service

At first blush, the next version of CDMA that Verizon will offer 4 next month iPhone seems to be almost identical to the current iPhone GSM AT&T 4. But the CDMA phone sports some minor physical differences that make it incompatible with many current cases.

Minor changes to the position of the Ring/Silent switch had cases responsible scrambling to update their cases to accommodate the new phone. Fortunately for prospective customers iPhone Verizon, there should be many security options available in time for the release of the phone to the public on February 10. (Verizon customers can pre-order the phone a week earlier, 3 February). Here's a rundown on what is slated to be available.

Findings AG

Findings AG has updated its popular case Vandalay ($ 35) to fit the CDMA iPhone 4. The case of Vandalay is elegantly designed in two pieces that comes with a Holster belt with a built-in kickstand. The shell is designed with a shockproof coating and the bottom of the case comes out for easy docking.

Also receive treatment CDMA is beetle case of AG Discovery ($ 18), an offer that has a simple design, lightweight and a wide range of colors available.


Case-mate is also always in action iPhone 4 CDMA, with a line of ten new cases prepared and ready for a release of end-of-January. A case, the Pop ($ 30) is now available for those who want a case before the ship even telephone.

The Monsta ($ 25) is bizarre-looking for a sport, textured grip that features an graphic zany monster on the back that cleverly incorporates the iPhone camera to serve as an eye for misshapen beast. The Waddler ($ 25) is an adorable soft which has a graphic Penguin abstract and, as the case Monsta, also uses the iPhone camera lens like an eye. Sports of the egg ($ 25) a drawing textured with hundreds of extruded points of different heights made to simulate the appearance of an egg Crate and create an interesting feel in your hand. The Gelli ($ 20) features bright colors and patterns vistosi, while the Vroom ($ 20) sports a textured, tire-making the phone design ready for some off-road action.

The case of Pop ($ 30) is done using a technique co-molding that brings together quality protective plastic, with the soft touch and rubber grip-ability to design the best-of-both-worlds. Together for the release is also often the case of hard and resistant (35 $), unobtrusive barely there case ($ 25) and an assortment of artists-sporting graphic collection ($ 35).


Is a Bluetooth headset, is a case of the iPhone--it's a case of iPhone Bluetooth headset! MoGo Talk for iPhone XD2 of ID8Mobile 4 ($ 100) is a protective case for your iPhone 4 that features an integrated Bluetooth headset that snaps securely on and off for storage. The MoGo Talk headset delivers clear two-way conversation XD and noise reduction features SmartAudio and wind, active noise compensation and echo cancellation technology and SoundMonitor high fidelity audio technology. The case and the Bluetooth headset is compatible with both AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4s.


iPhone 4 CDMA cases of iLuv are set to be available when the iPhone 4 comes to Verizon Wireless and Apple stores on February 10. Cases available will include clips of leatherette ($ 50), which provides classy leather protection; the metal case ($ 30), boasting a glossy titanium or chromium finish; the translucent case ($ 30), which features a glossy clean; the case of clear ($ 25), which provides a transparent protection for your phone; the case of Flex-Gel ($ 25), which is available in five colors and provides full-scale protection; the case of Flex-Trim ($ 20), a protective bumper-style; the case of glow-in-the-Dark ($ 20), which offers fun templates, glow-in-the-dark; the Silicone case ($ 15), a base case, complete with security that is available in five colors; and the sports Armband ($ 30), which allows you to strap the phone to your arm while exercising.

Test cases

Test cases are still a special case ready, but the company announced that it is in the process of updating its line of products to work with models of the iPhone 4 both GSM and CDMA. In addition, the company is working to improve the way that the iPhone 4 LEDs flash to handle cases. Up-to-date cases should be released next month.


Scosche has been able to change some of its most popular and will have its line of CDMA iPhone 4 cases available on 10 February.

Among the cases to help make your transition to CDMA is the Scosche KickBack series ($ 35) polycarbonate and rubber hybrid case that sports an integrated kickstand for viewing media landscape. The SwitchKase ($ 40), which includes a KickBack case and silicone skin with a removable cuff to work outside, also will be available in CDMA models.

Scosche is also changing its backup battery case ($ 35) blood line to accommodate the CDMA iPhone button positions. Set for a release of spring, the characteristics of blood line surge protection battery Li-ion 1800 mAh battery that could increase your iPhone operating time from 70 to 80%.

If you're looking for a more traditional case, the BeefKase ($ 30), which is made from genuine leather and polycarbonate, provides a classic, old school. The BeefKase is the only CDMA iPhone compatible with 4 case currently available from Scosche.

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