Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4 iPhone sales top 2 million-JoongAng Daily

KT, Korea's exclusive iPhone vendor, announced yesterday that sales of Apple's hit smartphone broke the 2 million mark in Korea.

The company, the largest fixed network operator and the operator of mobile telephony in Korea, began selling the iPhone in November 2009 and 3GS iPhone 4 September.

The number of 4 d iPhone sold-1.03 million-exceeded the number of iPhones 3GS sold by 53,000, said KT.

We were able to achieve this goal, because the iPhone is an excellent product, coupled with a competitive KT s, service billing plans and network infrastructure, said myung Hyun-Pyo, President of the company's mobile business division.

It took four months for the iPhone 4 to sell 1 million units. KT sold 500,000 units of the previous model in its first four months.

We believe this reflects not only customer satisfaction high for iPhone 3GS, but also expanded the customer base of Smartphones, in General, said an official of the company.

There were 7 millions of smartphone users in Korea at the end of last year.

Forty percent of the buyers of the iPhone 4 were found to be women, said KT-28 percent for the iPhone 3GS.

And 31% of iPhone users and 4 live outside Seoul Metropolitan-24 percent for iPhone 3GS users.

The company also added that customers iPhone 4 used twice the data than people who use the iPhone 3GS.

By Kim Hyung-eun [hkim@joongang.co.kr]

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