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Gaffe on German site of Apple again hints at iPhone launch white 4-Apple Insider

Gaffe on German site again hints at Apple white iPhone 4 launchBy Sam OliverPublished: 12: 00 PM EST

In the latest bits of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Apple is preparing to release the white version of the iPhone 4, one of the company's international sites briefly see a photo of the device Thursday before it was suddenly pulled.

That is according to TechCrunch, who shot the following screenshot from the German site of Apple before the site was back to reference only the black model less than 20 minutes later.

For Apple, is the second false alarm regarding the white iPhone, news, as many days. Wednesday morning, a Twitter post attributed to a source are often deprived of last minute part numbers noted that "it seems that the iPhone is finally coming" and that the new models would Apple part numbers MC604X and MC606X/A for the 16 GB and 32 GB, respectively.

Both reports followed even close on the heels of claims that Apple recently worked with a Japanese company to develop a new white paint material that gives you greater control and precision when it comes to the thickness of the layer of paint applied to telephones. With this material, Apple has reportedly been able to successfully execute white iPhone 4 that meet its high level of standards.

Using the previous methods of painting, attempts of Apple iPhone in the manufacture of white 4 were said to have led to a "huge" number of defective equipment. The percentage was said to be so high that Apple simply cannot proceed with the manufacture of white iPhone 4 until you have produced a solution.

As such, Apple last July said that it would delay the launch of white iPhone 4 until later that year, just follow these claims with a word of a second delay in October that he would have reported the availability of push out models until times during the spring of 2011.

white iPhone

With the influx of recent trials, which included internal inventory lists to AT&T and Best Buy, it seems increasingly likely that Apple may be preparing to begin selling iPhone white on or around the same time that launches the touch screen handset on the Verizon network come February 10.

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Gaffe on German site of Apple again hints at iPhone launch white 4
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