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4 Iphone can't handle the cold-The Inquirer

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HomeNewsReviewsVideoINQdepthBlogsJobsDownloads store Chips Hardware Software Communications Week to date Chips Hardware Software Communications Hardware Software Features Opinion Polls White papers Boffin Watch Numb Thumbs Friction Hardware > Phones The Iphone 4 can’t handle cold weather It's safe to say that Nokia wins here By Asavin Wattanajantra Fri Jan 28 2011, 11:17

THE IPHONE 4 is getting slammed for its inability to handle the cold.

Although the Iphone can be stored at pretty low temperatures, Apple warns that you shouldn't operate the device in freezing temperatures. That's a problem in a country like Finland, which has temperatures below zero for nearly half of the year.

Finland's Consumer Agency said that Iphone buyers are entitled to a refund if they bought one without knowing they would have a problem if they took it outside, reported YLE News. They run the risk of shortening its battery life, or the cold might even cause the phone to stop working temporarily.

This is probably the one area where Nokia might have the jump on Apple. The Finnish phone firm knows all about the effects of the cold on mobile phones, and whatever you might say about its devices, the hardware is still pretty impressive.

For a device that has problems with making and taking calls and glass breakage, and which has an inability to handle extreme temperatures, Apple has done pretty well with the Iphone 4.

The company hasn't really done anything wrong this time because it gives fair warning about its temperature problems, and it is probably the job of the Finnish Apple Store minions to explain that the Iphone 4 might have this problem. ?



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A lot more than just one country experiences below zero tempuratures for extended periods.

I would almost expect class actions from places that allow it by the time March rolls around.

posted by : Steve-O, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment what about research prior to writing articles?

The problem here is not the iPhone4 ability or not to operate properly at a given temperature.
The problem are the terms and conditions in which Apple reserves the right not to apply the guarantee if the phone is used under 0 degree.

nest time, rtfa then comment please.

posted by : phil, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment bundle up

I don't quite get why not all iphones are sold with a free (budget) real phone to make calls and such, that would cost them less than your average screenprotector.
And not just in finland either.

posted by : W.-, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment Where this all came from

Was a Finn who took a cold iPhone and plugged it into the audio system in his car. Warm, humid car interior. Cold metal & glass iPhone. Result: condensation WHILE the device was operating causing dead phone.

The phones work in cold environments just fine folks, just don't use them where humidity is an issue and give them a chance to clear condensation before use (like you should with most electronics).

posted by : Steve T, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment Re: Where this all came from

"Was a Finn who took a cold iPhone and plugged it into the audio system in his car."

It was a Norwegian woman! Sheesh, remember TFA!

Nice set of excuses, though. Steve J would be taking notes if he thought he had anything to learn from the fanbois.

posted by : Horse, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment According to Apple...

Iphony is cool!

posted by : mycelo, 28 January 2011 Complain about this comment aboutus Most read Most commented Most watched Playstation hacker gets restrained by Sony Wikileaks breakaway site Openleaks gets leaked Mass protests spook Egypt into switching off its Internet Google updates Chrome OS beta There is no Facebook HTC smart phone Apple shoots itself in the foot with the Ipad Duke Nukem Forever has a release date Microsoft ships 2 million Windows Phone 7 handsets Tegra 3 will give tablets full High Definition Mueller is forced to back off Android copyright infringement claims xperia-x8-demo-std-def-6 video icon Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 video demo

And it has a sort of watch too

acer-aspire-one-d255-demo-10 video icon Acer Aspire One D255 video demo

Dual core, dual boot

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