Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 screw job-PC World

Apple has been known to be antagonistic toward do-it-yourselfers, preferring that their customers have their equipment served through the official channels of the company. The company of Cupertino may have found another way to outplay these guys handy: using screws of rare and hard to find.

Screw "pentabular," their appearance pattern similar to a Torx screw, called still different. The best way to describe it is probably shaped flower. Drivers for these screws are not readily available--making it harder to perform DIY repairs.

Pentalobe screws are nothing new to Apple: they first appeared on 2009 MacBook Pro to protect the battery and are currently used to attach the case to the frame of the MacBook Air. Kyle Wiens to iFixIt, who was the first to publicize this problem, accuses Apple of this "because [screw] new era, guaranteeing the repair tools would be both rare and expensive. Shame on them. "

He says that the screw head is back, and until recently the only company with the right tools to remove it was Apple itself. That would mean you would visit Apple for any repair, no matter what screen you.? No more saving money by getting the parts by third parties.

In true capitalist style, iFixit has used their post to sell an "iPhone release Kit" that includes a pentalobe screwdriver and two Phillips head screws to replace their cousins harder to remove. It costs $ 9.99.

Apple has the right to maintain do-it-yourselfers out of its devices? I'd say Yes. While I think you could make the argument that his improper for the company to do it with his computer (that would essentially obsolescence), with mobile phones, devices never had to be updated.

What are your thoughts. This is a work of lives by Apple?

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