Monday, January 31, 2011

Verizon customers: Android was a temporary replacement for iPhone-Chicago independent press

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Motorola, the Verizon droid smartphone manufacturer, has revealed that sales of Android-based phone took a dip after the announcement of iPhone Verizon/Apple earlier this month. Many tech pundits said that Verizon making a deal with Apple to sell their iPhone vaunted 4, sales of smartphones all operating on Google open source OS, including Motorola droid line will plummet. The reason why is simple. Android is a temporary solution for consumers who wanted an iPhone.

"I was stuck in a contract with Verizon so I could not leave for AT&T," said Courtney Campbell, a customer of Verizon. "To be honest, I wanted to remotely AT&T. I used to have them but their coverage was shit. I figured I would just wait with Verzon and get an iPhone when they finally something worked with Apple. I picked up a droid about a year ago and I was happy with it, I guess, but it was only a temporary solution. You'll be upgrading to an iPhone 4 in February. "

For many users of Android-based phone, using the device is only due to the inability of people to use an iPhone over the network. If you're not a "nerd tech".

"Android is just over the operating system used on the iPhone and iPad," says Monique Trotta, a professional with Zibbits IT. "It is open source so that the operating system allows you to play more. For the mainstream – well I don't think that you care about that. They just want ease. "

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