Monday, January 31, 2011

Apple releases iTunes 10.1.2, needed for CDMA iPhone 4-9 to 5 Mac

Apple has just released iTunes 10.1.2 and is available from the download page of iTunes and the Apple software update application for Mac and PC. The update is required for iTunes to work with the iPhone Verizon 4. Apple says specifically "CDMA iPhone 4," so that this can be a tip to a CDMA iPhone 4 hitting different carriers from Verizon Wireless in the United States. The update also brings many significant improvements in performance and stability.

iTunes 10.1.2 sync music, movies and more with iPhone 4 (CDMA model) and provides a series of major improvements in stability and performance.

iTunes 10.1 came with several new features and improvements, including:

• Use AirPlay for instantly and video from iTunes to the new Apple TV streamed wirelessly.

• Synchronization with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.2.

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