Friday, January 28, 2011

iPhone 4 owner sues Apple glass cracked case-Washington Post

iPhone 4 owner Donald LeBuhn filed a class action lawsuit against Apple earlier this week, arguing that the company is misleading customers about the strength of the glass envelope on iPhone 4. LeBuhn is asking that Apple will reimburse the plaintiffs in the case the cost of repairs and the phone.

LeBuhn has said that his main problem with Apple is that it markets the scratchproof and super durable--belies a claim that says your personal experience.

Apple has not yet commented on the lawsuit; We'll let you know if it does.

The lawsuit, reported by the LAWeekly, focuses on how the iPhone handles enclosure glass when the telephone fell without a case. LeBuhn said his iPhone shattered when her daughter fall from a height of about three meters when sending a text message.

"Months after selling millions of iPhone 4s, Apple failed to warn and continue to sell this product without any warning to customers that the glass casing is defective," LeBuhn wrote in lawsuit.

This is the second big stink raised shattered glass on iPhone 4. In October, reports emerged that small pieces of matter that has trapped in iPhone 4 cases sliding made the iPhone 4 more prone to breakage. Report of the problem has become so widespread that printing technology dubbed "glassgate" and a search firm called SquareTech released figures that the latest model of the iPhone broke the 82 percent more often the iPhone 3GS.

Apple reporter Johnny Evans called the claims into question when they emerged in October, saying that the numbers were reported in a way that made them seem more significant than it was.

"Described as ' 82 percent ' of course, this sounds like a big deal, but in reality it means 3.9 percent of owners of iPhone 4 20,000 reported a broken screen instead of 2.1% of 20,000 iPhone 3GS owners," he wrote.

Glassgate, unlike its predecessor Antennagate, never quite like the problem was almost is not as widespread. With this lawsuit, however, more people can come forward with problems.

Sound off: have you had problems with the coating on your iPhone 4?

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