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Verizon iPhone 4 laid the Apple can play both sides in terms of contrasting the two U.S. iPhone carrier, mutually and this is precisely what will you do if his first ad post is any indication, Apple exclusivity. "You are playing both sides", Sean Connery once blurted out in frustration in the movie entrapment. That is the same line of Apple might be throwing Verizon right now. The first announcement of the iPhone 4 Verizon from Verizon iPhone is all about. But first announcement of Apple to include the iPhone Verizon 4 includes actually both variants iPhone 4. Instead of playing the Verizon side, rather than claiming that Verizon is a superior network, or something that could be interpreted as Apple, favouring one carrier on top of each other, announcement of Apple instead simply declares that two is better than one – the message, then, is not that the iPhone Verizon 4 is better. The "best", in the eyes of Apple is that it gives the iPhone 4 (the real prize) in your choice of flavors of the carrier.

There are more reasons for Apple to go this route, at least at the beginning of. One is that while promoting the iPhone Verizon 4, Apple doesn't have to be very careful to turn off a panic among existing iPhone users who might mistakenly 4 fear that the iPhone is set to leave AT&T and that they'll move to Verizon to remain with the iPhone, or settle for some other AT&T phone next time. None of this is true. New announcement from Apple, with two variations of iPhone 4 makes clear. There is also the fact that, while consumers each tend to have their preferred carrier, US cellular networks are in general the orders of magnitude lower than Apple's standards, it means that Apple likely Verizon and AT&T as views to be unworthy to be a favorite. And then there's the fact that doing it this way, Apple gets to play both sides, pit them against each other.

Getting publicly Verizon for its future game for the iPhone (and admission into the process that cannot compete their home phones), as the carrier has made last week, Apple now comes to turn around and make it clear that it is staking its future on the Verizon network. While U.S. carriers continue to appear to be able to get away with anything they want, the fact that Apple is now in a position to pit the two biggest against each other and it is already publicly flaunting it on national television, iPhone Verizon 4 could be the turning point where a society concerning customer-leaning as Apple has the upper hand, instead of vectors. Too early to call a sea change, but the tide may have barely moved. Here is more about Verizon iPhone.

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