Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sinbad brings iPhone Verizon 4 in 2011 Macworld keynote-Beatweek Magazine

Thanks to Verizon next biggest feature of the iPhone will be "receiving", according to the Apple aficionado and comedian Sinbad, who handled keynoting functions at Macworld 2011 first today. After a series of long hours where he he riffed on the funnest Apple platform fits into the landscape as global technology, Sinbad open things up to questions from the audience. What will the new features that he thinks the next iPhone, he replied simply, "welcome, thanks to Verizon." He then went on to make light of the poor-reception phone calls that some AT&T iPhone users have encountered over the years.

That the iPhone Verizon recently unveiled 4 is on the wish list of Sinbad is a surprise. When Sinbad Beatweek talked to an earlier version of Macworld Expo a couple of years back, has shown us that when he was carrying two cellphones: a not-AT & T telephone to make calls and an iPhone AT&T to do everything else.

Sinbad occupied the first of many feature slot presentation scheduled for 2011 of Macworld. Eyeballing based (and Wade through) crazy day, exhibit hall attendance is up from last year, which was the first year of post-Apple event. Several visitors have returned to exhibit at Macworld 2011 after missing the event in 2010. But very likely chagrin of Sinbad, Verizon iPhone 4 is not on display here – even if there is an exhibitor Verizon-AT&T iPhones partnered, giving back to the purpose of allowing users to go with a Verizon iPhone 4 instead of buying. Here is more about Verizon iPhone.

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