Monday, January 31, 2011

Pentalobe screwdriver to Apple iPhone 4-Oneindia

Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 4 now comes with a screwdriver of Pentalobe, which makes it impossible to dismantle the phone from anyone else that Apple showroom. Apple has always aimed to be a complete solution and keep their stuff to themselves. So, the screwdriver Pentalobe is the only solution. The screws are very rare and there is no single supplier to sell it. It is an invention of Apple and is not marketed. Pentalobe screws installed in Apple iPhone 4, are a millimeter in size and makes it impossible for anyone other than Apple to dismantle the Apple iPhone 4.

"The iPhone 4 is a device easy to work on. Since this is a simple device, that's why they block it. If you buy a car, you can do whatever you want with it. It's the same thing with your phone. It is not the phone from Apple, is the phone, "says the CEO of IFixit Kyle Wiens.

The use of Pentalobe SCREWDRIVERS in Apple iPhone 4 is a replacement of ball screws for Phillip. However, the company's strategy is to replace the screws Pentalobe with screws Phillip when a person comses repair of Apple iPhone 4.

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