Sunday, January 30, 2011

Class-action lawsuit filed on iPhone 4 strength of glass-MacNN

LA Weekly is the report that was presented to a class-action lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court by a person whose appointment of Donald LeBuhn, arguing that Apple's marketing of the glass used in iPhone 4 as "20 times more rigid and 30 times more hard plastic" is misleading and that the glass is indeed defective. LeBuhn argues that the company knows the flaw, but refuses to warn customers that "normal use"--which, in the case of LeBuhn, involved dropping the iPhone from a height of about three meters--will cause the glass to break.

Affirmation of LeBuhn relies in part on the accident, where his daughter deleted the iPhone 4 just three weeks after the purchase while sending a text message. However, LeBuhn says he previously owned the 3GS iPhone and also fall from a height of similar, but in this case has not broken the glass.

LeBuhn, regardless of provider SquareTrade warranty reported accidents in their database and found that the owners of iPhone 4 were much more likely to damage the newer model than the previous one. Certificates of screen damage reported by SquareTrade as 82 percent higher in the first four months of availability compared to a similar period for the iPhone 3GS. The total reported accident rate was 68 percent higher. SquareTrade blame the majority of claims on the rear glass panel of iPhone 4, which is not present in previous models.

LeBuhn asks the Court to order Apple to refund the purchase price for all owners of iPhone 4 in the lawsuit, to reimburse the customer for the costs of repairing and make repayment to compensate customers "their excess in buying iPhone defective 4s." [via LA Weekly]

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